Pussy eating during the sorority hazing games

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When new lesbian sorority girls want to join the VIP club, they have to show their skills which means that they have to put their long tongues to use and make each other cum real hard. These lesbian sorority girls are more than ready to get down on the floor, spread their long legs and show those shaved tunnels of love made for licking and fingering. Hazing doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing, especially if you are a dyke girl waiting to eat a nice juicy pussy and suck that clitty.

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Wet sorority girls just wanna have fun

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These babes are fighting in the pool during the hazing games. They both want to become one of the lesbian sorority girls which means that they have to try harder if they want to accomplish that. It is not a fair fight since the brunette babe is obviously mush stronger than the blonde chick and that is making the hazing even more interesting for all the lesbian sorority girls who are watching the action! They are eager to see which one of them is going to win the fight and become one of them.

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Lesbian sorority girls ready to cum hard

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My name is Emma and I am one of the new lesbian sorority girls, which means that I have been through all the hazing and I have to admit they I liked it more than anything else… The fact that I have to make this babe cum in less than 15 minutes made my cunny super wet while other chicks were shouting and cheering for me. I made it and now I am one of the popular chicks in the campus! Hazing is still one of my favorite dike games I enjoy playing.

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Kissing as a part of lesbian sorority hazing

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There is nothing these lesbian sorority girls wouldn’t do in order to get a chance to become one of the most popular babes in campus. That is why they are making out and putting their soft juicy lips to use. That is making their cunts super wet and their nipples rock hard! They thought that hazing is going to look a little bit differently but they were wrong! It is more than hard to determine which one of these lesbian sorority girls is a better kisser. They are both super hot and cute!

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Four lesbian sorority girls licking twats

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It is all a part of the hazing and that is why all these babes are giving their best to impress older lesbian sorority girls and make them horny. That is the only way they are going to reach an intense orgasm and what is making their nipples rock hard. These babes know that they have to give their best if they want to become a part of the elite group of girls in the campus. Since they are new to hazing, it is even more interesting for them to lick nasty cunnies.

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